Foo Fighters: In Your Honor

Song: “Free Me

It is no secret that Dave Grohl has been my imaginary boyfriend for some time. He’s been number two behind Johnny Depp for close to a decade now. Someone asked me at work the other week to chose between the two. I answered, “My husband is the perfect combination of the two.” This caused groans at the writing table, and for me to hide under the table, but I was speaking the truth.

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Half a Tank of Gas


7:00am — So. Tired.

9:00am — 10 miles Drive to Hollywood to meet and welcome the new kid. He does not disappoint. I draw a not-to-scale and only slightly inaccurate map of all the Los Angeles he’ll need. [Hey, Eric. Last night I drove through Culver City. It is nowhere near Sherman Oaks. I promise not to smoke crack before I write another stupid map in your journal.] Continue reading