Mama Crazy

The other night I was watching Sinead O’Connor and realized how much she reminds me of my friend AB. At first glance you think you’re dealing with a tiny woman who probably wouldn’t cause any harm to anybody. Then she opens her mouth and you realize you’ve got a Banshee on your hands. She’s tough, strong, opinionated, and you don’t even remember you have to look down to see her. She’s powerful and loud and yes, the perfect amount of crazy.

I would have just provided a link for the backstory here, but AB has gone and deleted her entire webpage just about, so now I have to do some work.

To put it delicately, Master V, AB’s husband, ran over their family cat a few months ago. He backed up over the cat, Sassy, while Miss Sassy (or was it a Mister?) was taking a nap. Master V feels pretty bad about the entire thing, and that’s exactly why everyone just keeps mocking him about it. In fact, my last visit to Chao Camp, as it’s called around all parts, included a solemn memorial in the backyard, when AB’s young daughter showed me the Sassy Stick, a wooden post that represents Sassy’s final resting place. The Sassinator left this Earth way too soon, apparently, and not a day goes by that Master V isn’t reminded that his need to drive motor vehicles so he can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan took away their feline companion.

Okay. Backstory finished.

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