“Burn, Glendale, Burn?”

There are good days, and there are bad days. Yesterday was assy.

There’s a fire going on just outside my window. The hills have been on fire since noon yesterday. It’s a pretty big fire, and now they’ve been working on it for almost twenty-four hours. It’s not that the fire’s close enough to threaten our home, and in fact it’s not threatening any homes, but it’s a pretty big fire and you can see the smoke from it all over Hollywood.

The helicopters started just after noon yesterday. Loud, zooming, rattling the furniture helicopters were circling my house. We live near a highway, so it’s not uncommon to hear helicopters circling an accident, following a high-speed chase, or headed towards downtown. But they don’t usually hover so close, or stick around for so long. After an hour, when the helicopters were still making so much noise you couldn’t do anything but wait for them to pass, we checked the news and saw the fire.

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