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  • Come See Me! — Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2011

    Attention all Southland book-nerds and stalkers, this is your warning that I will be in public, answering questions and dorking out on the lovely USC campus, Saturday, April 30th for a discussion and book signing.

  • Jacket Copy: LA Times

    The great people at the LA Times (Thanks, Carolyn!) ran an interview with me to promote the upcoming Festival of Books over at their blog Jacket Copy.

  • do you want to know a secret?

    do you want to know a secret?

    I just wrote three hundred words of the next novel, so you know it’s time to procrastinate with so many more words over here. Because it’s easier, okay? Leave me alone! I’m trying to be an artist! So. The Festival of Books. Yeah, yeah. I know. It was a month ago. Let me see if […]