Big To-Do

So the holes in my yard aren’t caused by skunks. We’ve been spraying for grubs, sprinkling hot pepper and keeping motion detector lights on, and while I haven’t seen any more skunks skulking around, the holes didn’t cease.

Then last week, when I was planting some tulip bulbs in the name of M. Tiny, I found a most interesting discovery: peanut shells. Lots of them. Empty peanut shells dug into the dirt, around the flowers, lying on the lawn. My first thought was, “Wow. That’s a weird thing to use as mulch.” But I also found a seashell buried in there, so I didn’t question it. Continue reading

I'm Hideous

not for the squeamish

I like to think that I’m a relatively grown-up person who can handle things with a certain level of dignity.

Maybe for the most part, I do. But not last night. Not at all.

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being eric malkovich

it’s just a quick portal jump

Yesterday afternoon.
Inside Eric’s head

D’oh! I forgot to get cat food again. Maybe pamie picked some up. “Mmm-him-hmm-hmm-heehmm Water! She’s got, duh-da, duh-da-im-him-hum, Lady!”

I love this song. Oh, quick turn! Pamie would have closed her eyes when I made that turn if she were here. Let’s see, do I remember my lines for tonight? No. That’s okay, I’ll learn them. I’m the line master. Linealito.

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The Patch

my bad-ass timing

I have a problem with timing.

Perhaps it’s actually a good sense of timing, with a dash of complete obliviousness. My horrible moments often turn into very good stories, but the initial shock of what I just unknowingly did usually shadows out the humor for a short time.

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pamie the pirate

am i still sexy?

So I had my eye surgery yesterday.

Today it feels like someone punched me in the head. The light hurts it a bit. I’m tired.

But it wasn’t really a big surgery. Just some drops in my head, a sticky thing on my face to hold back my eyelashes, and then they PUT A KNIFE IN MY EYE!

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