Tag: Excuses

  • i know, i know. I KNOW.

    It isn’t that I’m trying to ignore pamie.com. I am in front of my computer every single day, but between the twitter account and the photography deadline, I feel like my life gets updated. I’m working on edits for the new novel, I’m developing a half-hour with a studio (read: Yo, I got a job!), […]

  • ack!

    In my defense, my lack of updates is not due to wanting to ignore you, but rather that life has made it difficult to update lately. Case in point: Moveable Type. Hates my work computer, for some reason. Hates the new Mac operating system, I think, because it doesn’t matter if it’s Firefox or Safari, […]

  • lost.


    We moved into our new offices for Season Two on Monday morning. It’s been five days now, and I still keep getting lost. So much so that Correne made the kind gesture to make this sign just for me, so I can find my essentials. Monday and Tuesday I gave myself excuses. I figured I […]

  • hiatus.

    It appears this site has been on an unintentional post-Dewey break for the past week or so that might continue for a bit longer. Otherwise I’ll never get this novel written.

  • lately…

    My days look like: coffee, dewey, clean, drive, book, work, dewey, write, book, semi-lunch, work, dewey, book, work, work, write, think, drink, read, dewey, sleep. (As opposed to Sara’s, which looks like: House, House, House, House, House, House, House, House, House. I have seen her exactly once since the strike ended, and that was late […]

  • man.

    So, some of the archives aren’t working, and the pretty Amazon links went away when we upgraded to the latest Moveable Type. We had to, because my website stopped working entirely for about a month. I’m sorry for the mess while we try to figure things out. But you know, the people who keep this […]

  • It’s Not You, It’s Me.

    No, I’m not still reading that book. And no, I’m not still listening to the Violent Femmes (thanks Delphine and Dave for your concerns about my iPod’s state). I can’t even really blame the job, but I will anyway. I’m working, and AB’s here, and life is hard and I’m trying to get this year’s […]

  • sorry.

    I’m sorry. I’m sorry, everybody. I don’t mean to be neglecting this space. I don’t mean to. And then, a little I mean to. Because I’m supposed to be focusing on writing other things, and then when I’m not, I’m trying to focus on not writing. Doing other things that are healthy and good for […]

  • The Thank-You Round-Up

    [In lieu of an actual entry, because it’s been a little busy over here these days.] Recent reviews for Why Moms Are Weird include: “…witty, funny and self-reflective…” — Romance Junkies “Damn…how’d Pamie know all that about me?” — Sheer Mabness

  • because i feel stuff.

    To put it mildly, I’ve been dealing with an overabundance of feelings. Apparently this is all very healthy and normal, and I’m handling it with the closest I can come to grace. “Grace,” for me, is crying until snot falls, flailing around my bed like an angry pre-teen, whining to any friend who will listen […]