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  • boxed in.

    boxed in.

    “The Kattbank (via Design*Sponge, of course) is very pretty, and it comes in a satisfying array of colors, but at a whopping $1750, my sphincter says what? Also, do our friends want to sit atop a bench packed with feces? Don’t answer.” Evany is on a hilarious search for the perfect litter box.

  • worlds colliding

    While Evany thinks it’s the coolest thing to excuse out of an art show by saying you’re busy last-minute shopping for a ball gown, I think it’s much more awesome to do all first introductions with people you idolize by shouting, “I HAVE GO BUY COOKING OIL!” And it’s true that only AB would email […]

  • book tour info: los angeles

    Tonight, 7:30. Barnes and Noble at The Grove, I’ll be reading from Why Moms Are Weird, answering questions and handing out gifts. Special guests AB Chao and something shiny. [And thank you, Evany, for making these readings sound super-sexy. (By the way, her book makes a very romantic gift.)]

  • heeeeee.

    When the movers were moving all my boxes into the house, one of the boxes started making a low buzzing sound, and the nice and burly mover who was moving it said, what do you have in here, like a toy dog or something? And I looked at him, confused for a second, then I […]

  • since i’m already pimping

    Please buy pretty Evany’s book.

  • nerves.

    It’s like a tennis ball got lodged somewhere underneath my ribcage, just above my diaphragm. That’s what it feels like after I eat. The only thing that makes it feel better is jamming my hand under my ribs, pushing in on my stomach. I don’t feel sick, I don’t have anything but the sharp pain […]

  • double ha.

    double ha.

    This is my favorite picture from my bachelorette party. Allison and Evany discover my disgusting card from Hilary.

  • i hurt my feet for him

    This is the cell phone conversation I overheard this afternoon: “Yes, well, if you want four bridesmaids and then yourself, it’s one-fifty for each bridesmaid, and then for you it’ll be about four hundred, unless you want an up-do, and then it’ll be closer to five or five-fifty, depending on what you want. Now because […]

  • being eric malkovich

    it’s just a quick portal jump Yesterday afternoon. Inside Eric’s head D’oh! I forgot to get cat food again. Maybe pamie picked some up. “Mmm-him-hmm-hmm-heehmm Water! She’s got, duh-da, duh-da-im-him-hum, Lady!” I love this song. Oh, quick turn! Pamie would have closed her eyes when I made that turn if she were here. Let’s see, […]