Mother on the Orient Express: Part Seven (The Train)

(I broke the train into two parts. The first part of the train (part six of the story) is here.)

We take the long walk toward dinner. Now we’re a little less sure on our feet. Mom’s getting tired, and I’m a little tired, and it’s darker. We make it to the bar car, which we have to go through to get to our dinner car.

We open the door. It’s different in the dark, more mysterious, more like a lounge, like you’d imagine. The piano abruptly stops and — “Sentimental Journey” begins playing. And Mom’s crying again, but this time she can’t sit because we’re on our way to dinner, so she kind of sits at this stool near the head of the piano, perched like she’s about to launch into song. But she’s crying and smiling and nodding, and I’m rubbing her back and it really must have looked like she was here on a Make A Wish. Continue reading

Oh, dear.

I don’t understand why I let anyone interview me with a camera.

Go here to see me on the picket line, directing traffic while trying to explain the importance of representation for writers and compensation in new media.

Also on that page, giving interview much better than I do, is my showrunner, the fantastic Donald Todd, who might look and sound like Dr. House, but Don treats his staff with much more respect.

samantha who? and pamie where?

My website’s been broken for about a month, and I’ve been unable to update. Also, I’ve been busting my butt over here.

Hope you watch and enjoy. Because I’d love to have this job stick around for a long time.

Oh, another thing that happened while the site was down that made me think of you guys. I walked into the building after taping the last segment of my episode, and the showrunner said to me, “So, your episode is looking great. Nothing to worry about. One little thing, though. In the credits, they listed you as Paula Ribon. Is that going to be a problem?”

Y’all know I didn’t even flinch when I said, “Yeah, I figured. Also, that’s my mother’s name.”

And I also suppose it won’t be too big of a shock when I tell you that my sister was disappointed that I didn’t ask them to keep my mother’s name in the credits.

Anyway, hope you like the show. My mom almost worked hard on it.