interview: The Big Idea | Whatever

What happens in this novel bears little resemblance to what happened in my own. This is not a memoir. But the emotions the main character is struggling with that cause her to believe she might actually be going crazy — that’s where this story comes from. Because when things are in limbo like that, when your life seems stuck on pause, every question appears to have sixteen thousand equally plausible answers. When I was struggling with my own answers, I never seemed to have the ones people were looking for. I think it’s because human beings have a natural, very healthy, instinct to avoid pain. Going through a divorce or signing up for roller derby says to the world, “I am about to get hurt. A lot. Seemingly willingly.” Who could understand that?

I’m always proud to be a part of anything John Scalzi‘s doing, and I’m flattered to be the featured writer in today’s The Big Idea.

I’ll tell a Scalzi story, for those of you who have wandered over here from Whatever. Continue reading