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  • Libraries, My Mother, Dewey and You.

    One day in and Dewey’s already making the DCPL excited and teary.

  • It’s Dewey Donation System Time!

    It’s Dewey Donation System Time!

    Hello, fine people. It’s that exciting time of the year when we put on our do-gooder hats and go send some books to some strangers. The Dewey Donation System is open for business, and this year we’re sponsoring two libraries in need brought to us by two very special pamie.com/Dewey fans.

  • RockMom!

    We did it! Go see!

  • Where the Huff-a-Lowe Roam.

    I’m on the couch of the Lowe and Huff’s in humid, sticky Georgia. For those of you who do not know Al and Chris, they are two people who met right here on pamie.com, fell in love and moved to Georgia, got married, and then their lives went a little something like a country song, […]

  • Don’t Let Mom Down!

    This can’t be too long of a post, because I still have to pack and call a cab for the morning and other to-do list things before I leave for Atlanta at the crack of dawn (Happy birthday, Chris Huff!!), which means I don’t get to write about the fact that I’m about to meet […]

  • Why Moms are Worried: A Phone Call

    MOM: Hello? ME: Hi, Mommy! MOM: Hello? Hello? ME: Hi. MOM: Oh! Hi, Pamie! Hello.

  • so much derby, not enough skating.

    Okay, so maybe I’ll just be writing every weekday. It was just about impossible to get to this thing over the weekend. Sorry about that. Even Dewey got a little quiet after that late-night dance party fun. We’re almost at 100 donations, so please continue to spread the word. I think this book drive will […]

  • Don’t Worry That It’s Not Good Enough for Anyone Else to Hear.

    Don’t Worry That It’s Not Good Enough for Anyone Else to Hear.

    It’s still tonight, so technically I’m still doing my update for today. And I will start it with the tail end of another fantastic email, one that might make you jealous with it’s geniusness. (At least it did for me.) Behold, Brett N’s contribution:

  • J’ai m’appelle Dorktastique Incroyable

    In yesterday’s email: [readermail] Pamie, Having recently visited Paris this past July, I can personally attest that any self-imposed requirement to learn French is unnecessary. I tried to learn a few phrases and found that all I needed was the basics: “hello”, “please/thank you”, and “do you speak English?”. Beyond that, most Parisians I dealt […]

  • mostly i’m just wigging out here.

    Yesterday’s entry brought some good email/comments from you guys. [readermail]I love that you’re taking your mom on the Orient Express. I cannot wait to read all about it. Maybe you should write a book. In fact, I command you to! Besides, it would make a way better movie than Eat, Pray, Love and Meryl Streep […]