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  • Dear Weezer Bassist:

    I want you to know that I love your band, and have loved your band for a very long time, longer than you’ve been a part of it. I want to start with praise, because what I have to say after this might sound a bit mean, but… well, you deserve it.

  • Change

    I have a friend who’s entering her ninth month of pregnancy. I saw her the other night and commented on how beautiful her hair has become. She informed me that when you get pregnant, the hormone that makes your hair fall out (100 strands a day or so) stops being produced, so you stop losing […]

  • pressure

    i ain’t no one’s kathie lee I took a little vacation yesterday.  I did it because I couldn’t stay awake all day long.  I just kept falling asleep and having the strangest dreams.  For some reason in the dream the Donnie and Marie Behind the Music that I had been watching got melded with the […]

  • recipe for a kitty wake

    recipe for a kitty wake

    (I hope this works…) ITEMS NEEDED:

  • she’s not there

    family status report You guys really are the best.  Thank you for all of your kind words and thoughts and prayers.  Quite a few of you have sent me the above picture.  It made me smile. It’s quiet here at my house. It’s very strange.  Eric is at work, so it’s just me and Taylor.  […]

  • and i love her

    NOTE:  Please don’t read this if needles and sick cats and horrible things make you squeamish. Lillith had stopped eating Sunday.  We couldn’t get her to take food from us like she usually would, and I was forcing vitamins down her with a syringe.  We thought maybe it was a one shot deal.