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  • I Survived Eat Through Austin

    I Survived Eat Through Austin

    …and then this morning I Googled “master cleanse.” ooooooohhhhhhhhh man, I am full of food. This year’s food-trip with Tara and Dave was shorter than the last time, but I managed to get an extraordinary amount of eating in. I started strong and ended strong, you guys. I had ice cream for dinner last night. […]

  • Aloha from Overwhelming Positivity Podcast 23: Tandoori Lady

    Aloha from Overwhelming Positivity Podcast 23: Tandoori Lady

    We didn’t just take a million pictures and post six thousand tweets. We made a podcast. I’m honored to have been a part of Overwhelming Positivity 32, where you learn about zipline freak-outs, island curses, and why we should get a refund from our stargazing trip. And it starts with my “phone voice.” We recorded […]

  • for your listening pleasure…

    [readermail]Last week, on pamie.com, there was a discussion about men who won’t listen to female singers/bands – which is just stupid. In response, my latest podcast is Women Who Rock, a (rather unimaginatively titled) mix of rock, soul, blues, and jazz tracks by mankind’s better half. Enjoy, Dave[/readermail] Track Listing: Elastica – Connection Pretenders – […]

  • office mates

    I used to be very shy. A quiet girl who liked to read books and stay out of the way. I wrote a lot of stories to entertain myself, and I wrote them from inside a walk-in closet because I’m a dork. I avoided making new friends because I knew I’d end up moving, and […]