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  • It’s Not That Scary: Shooting a Gun

    It’s Not That Scary: Shooting a Gun

    I’m not sure how Jason got it into his head that I needed to shoot a gun. I know that he’s not the only person in my life who assumed I would enjoy such a thing. Chris Huff, a weapons expert, has wanted to take me to a shooting range for years. It’s only his […]

  • Activating Dana

    Shot during the first weekend of Eyesplosion ’09, I take a study break with Dana in an attempt to activate her. She was supposed to talk about how she “hates injustice.” But she never really got off the subject of me. At fourteen minutes in two parts, it’s an extra-long Activating. But in my defense, […]

  • What I Do Miss About the Holidays

    Just about everything. And this: I was only in Los Angeles for the night. I dropped my suitcase at home, drove to Hollywood and rocked it with my fake rock band until the wee hours. Dana closed out the night as only she can. Props to Josh, Sarah, Scott, Allison and Buster for the background.

  • in celebration of hot nerdy boys.

    [scripty] PAMIE How was the rest of your weekend? DANA Good. I just… I’m so frustrated, because I’m having to do all these graphs for this class, and I don’t understand some of this computer shit. I mean, I’m very smart. Obviously. But then like, I don’t have to know Excel for any part of […]

  • (hee hee) x 3

    [scripty] Dana Happy birthday, Allison. Pamie Yeah, happy birthday. That food was so good. Allison Thanks. I love this place. Scott and I come here all the time. It’s kind of ridiculous. One time last week, we came in for lunch and dinner. Dana You must come in here a lot, because when you were […]

  • Rob and Dana

    Rob and Dana

    they only kinda scared my mom [scripty] MOM So, who are these people? PAMIE Rob and Dana. MOM And you’re going out to dinner with them? PAMIE Something like that. Maybe just drinks. MOM And how do you know them? PAMIE The Internet. They have journals. MOM Uh-huh. PAMIE They have journals, Mom. I know […]

  • The Air Up Here

    if you’re reading this, i didn’t die. I’m writing from a plane. Ain’t technology grand? If you are reading this, then that means that I landed safely. A concept that right now, I must admit, sounds a bit far-fetched to me. This may have been one of the scariest flights I’ve ever been on. Some […]