meows and movies

i think it’s all the testosterone

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is that this is my third attempt at this entry. I had it finished once, my machine froze, and then I had to do it again. Halfway through the second attempt, the machine froze again. I’ve figured out it was my CD. I’m not playing it this time.

But I’m tired of typing the following paragraph:

Cal is home. He’s got a microchip implanted in his fur as some sort of tracking device the shelter put in. He’s got a diode sticking out of his fur. Since he’s never going to leave the house and I’m sure Taylor will try and remove it, I’m asking the vet to take it out today to avoid any Cattaca jokes.

Taylor saw Cal and immediately said, “Hey, I’m Taylor! Are you my new friend? What does your butt smell like?” Understandably, Cal was upset by this quick meeting and went into a big hissing and growling fit. Taylor just looked at him. “What’s his problem?” At first Taylor was cautious, but when he saw that Cal is a bit of a stumbly cat, what with his tail being gone, Taylor calmed down. Now he’s winning all of the staring matches. He really surprises me. Cal will keep doing that scared singing and fluffing, but Taylor just keeps his cool and watches him without emotion. He’s like Christopher Walken. I think Taylor is going to keep his alpha male status. He knows all he has to do with Cal is “sweep the leg.”

Pamie hits “save” and takes a deep breath.

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