Eat Through Austin, Day One: The Eatening

The best part about Eat Through Austin is that as soon as you tell someone our plan, that person is immediately on board.

“Oh, right on. I’m so jealous.”

Dave, Tara and I are here to eat. All of Austin, if possible. That’s it. We have friends on the agenda, of course. I haven’t been here in five years, after all. But when we aren’t seeing old friends and loved ones, we are eating. Everything. (But don’t try to buy alcohol after midnight on Friday. Damn, Austin, I forgot about that. That blows.)

It took about ten minutes for me to remember where everything is as I drive around this city, and every street hits me with equal parts nostalgia and wonder (yes, wonder, bitches). My most impressive moment was when I was navigating us to Trudy’s simply by memory, thought I was lost and then felt my stomach pang. “Turn right here,” it said. And there it was. Trudy’s. (My stomach is now known as our Gastronomical Positioning System.)

Day one pics here.
Dave’s here.
Tara’s here.

Food consumed:

Opening Night:
Opal Devine’s: Live Oak Black Bark Beer, cracked pepper fries, southwestern egg rolls. [with Blynch]
House Snacks: HEB Central Market BBQ potato chips, Izze sodas (blueberry), white peaches, coffee [w/ Tara, Dave]

Day One:
Trudy’s: chips, salsa, Migas, Kona coffee [w/ Tara, Dave]
Shoal Creek Saloon: sausage, chicken, & pork gumbo, boiled crawfish, pitcher of Shiner [w/ Chuy, Cathy and the Zarate boys]
Doubletree Inn: Booze… and double chocolate cake [w/ Chuy, Cathy, the boys, Matt, Becca]

…I gotta go sleep off this crawfish. No, the cake. I think that’s what’s keeping me up. New rule: smaller meals, more frequently. I thought we’d hit Amy’s Ice Cream today.

dear texas. please send breakfast tacos from taco cabana.

Lately she’s written about gumbo, queso and crawfish, making me the Homesick Texan.

Spending time with Dave and Tara this week, our conversation turned once again to our plans to Eat Through Austin — a tour we consumed back in 2004 when Omar got married. That’s the last time I’ve been to Austin, and I hear it’s gone through some changes since then.

I know my Eat Through Austin pangs are bad when I’m craving Texadelphia or a sandwich from Thundercloud. That’s not just “Wow, I wish I could eat Salt Lick today” normal Austin nostalgia. I’m craving a sandwich on Oltorf. That’s got to be more about the feeling of being in Austin on a nice day, picking up a couple of sandwiches to take down by the lake, having the laziest of Sundays.

Is it too much to ask for one real Tex-Mex joint in Los Angeles? It seems every other person around here is from Texas. Why can’t we all get together and demand some decent migas?

Dammit, now I’m going to end up making homemade migas and queso and guacamole and buy some Shiner and find myself immobile on the couch stuffed with deliciousness and pain, weeping guilty tears from trying to create a gastric time machine. All because it’s a billion degrees outside and I can’t get to Trudy’s from here.

LA to L.A.

Thank you, Chao Camp:

Fireworks and darts.
Walks on the levee with Mad.
Outdoor showers and gossiping through another bottle of wine.
The Poor Bastards, and their band with lots of heart.
Teasing stee for being such a city boy.
Disappearing behind camo.
Crawfish. Lots of crawfish.
Chris jamming on the drum machine.
Our amazing rendition of “Creep.”
Six computers open at once, all searching for the next song to play.
Lynda’s cooking, and Vince’s cooking, and Al charading Patrick Dempsey.
Knowing the name “Nagib Mahfuz.” Continue reading

brand new year’s eve

Next stop on Pam Tour 2005: Monroe, Louisiana.

Gonna go visit this family and this one.

Many weeks ago we hatched the plan: surprise the Meat of Cheese (AKA Bitter Chris… or, post nuptials, just Chris) with a visit from pamie and stee. Welcome in our new year with old friends and auld lang blahblahblah. AB added: “If y’all don’t mind celebrating your anniversary with us, Funroe, and crawfish.”

Had me at “crawfish,” pretty lady. Continue reading