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  • And then what happens when you find another girl’s bra in your apartment.

    [Setting: Twitter] @pamelaribon — I just pulled a bra out of my drawer and put it on, only to realize… this isn’t mine. I don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret. (…is it yours?) @Glark — Stop crowdtesting your new novel Pamie. @Mjfrig — Yes, I have man-boobs, okay! Stop rubbing it in. #idontreally #onlyajokeiswear @auriflamme — […]

  • Come On, Jet Blue.

    Come On, Jet Blue.

    This is ridiculous. I’m now sitting in the JFK airport, with free wireless, having a glass of wine and sushi as I wait for my flight to start boarding. You must know: 1. I normally would never do this. 2. But this is my vacation, and I told myself I’d do things I normally wouldn’t do. […]

  • Jet Blue, Part II

    I’m in Connecticut. My cousin’s about to take me to the train station so I can get to Manhattan, where a shuttle will take me to JFK. I fly to Burbank, where I fetch my suitcase and check into a different airline that’ll take me to Oakland, to get to Berkeley. It’s going to take […]

  • written by…

    Last Friday was a big day. I arrived at the office early to write email. My phone rang. “Pam, you have a delivery.” At the front desk, there’s a delivery of roses in all different colors. It’s beautiful. Suzanne says, “Now, I’ve had some experience with this. I really want these to be from your […]

  • processing the new year

    processing the new year

    The morning after the wedding, we woke up and listened to this song in bed and thought about how happy we were and how perfectly the wedding went and how lucky we were to have these amazing friends and family who braved the rain and snow and winds and this strange waterfall that happens on […]

  • On My Way Home

    you love me when I write from planes So I had the absolute perfect picture of my cousin Cool Chris with his arm around Creepy Peter Playpal and I had the Worst Digital Camera Fuck-Up that was completely my fault and lost so many pictures from the trip, including that one. I had taken a […]