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  • the bevolution has arrived.

    When men want attention from women who are complete strangers, they get a dog to walk, or borrow a baby to carry. If you’re a woman who would like to have random conversations with men you’ve never met before and will never see again, you might want to put some kind of Longhorn sticker on […]

  • Changing of the Guard

    Changing of the Guard

    About a year ago, if you’d asked me if I’m a guarded person, I’d have told you absolutely not. I write books and scripts that usually come out of some story from my life. I write quite publicly about my life online, for Pete’s sake. Clearly I don’t have a problem talking about myself. But […]

  • High Class Problems

    It’s late, but I’ve got The Insomnia, so here I am, writing another entry. Will the wine work, or will the writing work? One of these things should get me sleepy. I’ve got work in the morning. Um. So. I ran into my friend Alex at the store last night. We went to college in […]

  • Weezer: Pinkerton

    Song: “Across the Sea” I know, I know. Any excuse to talk about Weezer. But I swear, this is the song on my iPod! I promise! I was just singing it.

  • From One Bride to Another

    From One Bride to Another

    [readermail] Subject: Warning to My Bitch (At)! To: pamie@pamie.com Dear “Pamela”, “Please” accept this “warning” from New York: Wear my wedding “guests” out at your New Year’s “nuptials” and “I” will have you “kilt”. This is “not” a “joke”. “Love”, Faye [/readermail]

  • Andi and Hamish’s Wedding (apology)

    Andi and Hamish’s Wedding (apology)

    In college Amy was a double major in HELL and CRAZY. This meant she never slept and was always on top of things. She is now about to be a doctor. Her husband, Kevin, is about to be a lawyer. And together they will own Texas in about seven years.

  • she lives in caps lock

    Andi Teran was the new kid. I’d been the new kid time and time again, and hadn’t been on the other side before. She was the one who didn’t know anybody, who wasn’t sure of how to get around, what to think of all of us. And look, this girl, she was really cool. Cool […]

  • Dreamlike

    I just finished watching Waking Life, which in itself is a trippy-floaty experience, an animated fantasy that explores our dream life compared to our waking life, asking what happened before we got here, what’s going to happen to us when we’re gone, and how has our process of evolution changed as we’ve become more aware […]

  • 7:45

    This is what I wrote for our writing group last night. The assignment was to write for fifteen minutes in first person present, from the perspective of you in college. I’m posting it here because why not, and because I’ve spent three hours today trying to fix a crashed computer. For the record, there’s only […]

  • Cellmate

    an open letter to d’angelo First, things to go read before you come back here: The online diaries article is up at the Austin Chronicle. Read about journalling, me, greg, gwen, and the very important Eight. It’s a well-written article, and you can hardly tell that Taylor had just made my eye swell from his […]