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  • congrats to all the pamie.com book drive winners

    [readermail] Hi Pamie, This is exciting news! I was happy to make a donation to this year’s book drive. Being rewarded with a signed copy of your newest just adds to the warm fuzzies. (And since I’ve been married for 7 months, I can have “Cold Feet” on my nightstand without freaking out my honey!) […]

  • a short conversation

    [scripty] Pam Hello? Todd Hey, Pam. It’s Todd. Pam Hey. Todd I, uh, I read your story in the Cold Feet book. Pam Oh, wow. Hey, thanks. Todd Yeah. Pam That makes you officially the only person to have read it. Todd No. Pam Other than stee and people who are paid to read it? […]

  • pamie.com Cool Kids, Take Five

    We’ve had close to two hundred donations in less than one week. Thank you so much for raising over seven thousand dollars for children in Kancheepuram. Based on the Rupee to dollar conversion, the goal is now $11,428 to have every child sponsored. (that’s four hundred dollars more than I thought it was. I’m not […]

  • I have to wonder if

    I have to wonder if she was reading Cold Feet.

  • Book Day!

    Book Day!

    A big box of this arrived at my house today: Order it at Amazon Powells or Barnes and Noble.

  • Woo hoo! The cover was

    Woo hoo! The cover was just sent to my house this past week. I really like it, and can’t wait for Amazon to post it. As the title suggests, this is an anthology of five short stories about women deciding whether or not they want to get married. I’m proud of stee for not worrying, […]