Wolfmother: Wolfmother

Song: “Mind’s Eye

So, Wolfmother.

Tim and I swap CD’s every week on his proclaimed “New Music Tuesday.” I’d intended to share some of these finds over here, as I’ve added quite a few new bands to my collection over the months, but… well, go ahead and say the excuse with me: “I’ve been busy.”

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“Well, Turn It Up, Man!”

It’s ten in the morning. My neighbors across the street, the ones who said we were way too loud all the time, are currently blasting Cream. It’s so loud that at first we thought it’d had to be one of our next-door neighbors, like Little Drummer Boy or the Fighting Daughters of the Guesthouse.

But no. It’s the house across the street. It sounds like it might be coming from their backyard. They have a young daughter, but I think she’s too young to understand the power of blasting classic rock in a backyard at ten in the morning on a Saturday.

Just to show you where the boundaries of my Pop Culture Princess status are drawn, I thought our neighbor was blasting “some kind of Paul McCartney solo album.” Is Cream the one with Eric Clapton? See? I never really bothered to know. And outside of still being able to recite verbatim the commercial for “Freedom Rock,” I really don’t know one lick of classic rock.

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