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  • A Letter from Alicia Fox, librarian at Children’s Institute

    [This letter was in response to asking if she needed help unpacking/sorting/shelving/etc.] [readermail] Hi there! Thank you! I will need help sorting or labeling but I’m not sure when. I’ve been obsessed with opening the boxes each day and condensing them into the bigger boxes. If I didn’t I would run out of room! I’ve […]

  • Look who found us…

    Posted in Dewey comments: Yes, we are on to you! :-) THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING! You definitely freaked me out with the sudden pile of amazon boxes showing up at my cubicle! For nearly 2 days we’ve been like little detectives trying to figure out how these books […]

  • 2008 Dewey Donation System Book Drive Begins!

    2008 Dewey Donation System Book Drive Begins!

    Two libraries in need. Two ways to help. Help a little; help a lot. Either way, we’re proud to announce the launch of the 2008 Dewey Donation System Fundraiser/Book Drive. This year we’ve teamed up with the Rockhouse Foundation to help fund a brand new library for the Negril All Ages School in Jamaica, and […]