We Miss Stee

I’m a poor substitute

New Ally McBeal and Get Real Extra at Mighty Big TV. Since that’s what I spend eight to ten hours of my life doing, you might want to check that out.

Sorry for the delay on the entry, but our network went down at work, so I had to wait until I got home to enter anything.

But, since you waited so patiently, I suppose I could add a little something special…

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where's bosie?

I was going to write about what could possibly have made me stay up all night Saturday playing a Video Fishing Game.

I was going to write about the really cool new postcards at Mighty Big TV

I was going to offer a list of things to do while Stee was away.

But I don’t want to anymore. Seeing that Rob and Julie are probably having their baby today makes me even more bittersweet.

It’s my sister’s 21st birthday today.

And I feel like she’s leaving my life faster and faster. I miss her. I don’t even really know how to get in touch with her today to wish her the best. I hope to see her this weekend.

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Mom's List

christmas memories

My mother loves Christmas. Every year it takes about four hours to open all of the gifts. Not because of the amount of presents, but rather because each and every one must be opened separately, and everyone has to admire the gift before moving onto the next one. Breaks have to be taken for coffee and tea, phone calls, restarting the Christmas CD.

One year my mother had it all worked out to where she decided what gift was opened when according to a small number that she had written on the tag of each gift. She held the master list that said what each number corresponded to. So as not to confuse which #7 was mine and which #7 was my sister’s, she had each present with its own unique number.

We couldn’t look at the list because it had all of the gifts written on it.

The problem surfaced when Mom realized that she had made this list late at night, and after the gifts had been wrapped. Thus when she thought #16 was a sweater, it turned out it was batteries for a gift that hadn’t been opened yet. I remember my mother curled around the list on the couch, trying to both decipher her numbers and sheild us from peeking. We would just sit there looking at her and then she’d declare, “Try number eleven.”

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webcom.com is wasting our time

It’s 83 degrees outside and people are actually complaining that it’s too cold.  Texans.

I don’t even want to write this entry because I know as soon as I do my site will go down again and then no one will be able to read it all day long.  This has been a very frustrating week for Squishy.  My pages keep disappearing from my server.  Luckily I have everything saved on my machine, but it’s really frustrating.  If I had been using their GUI interface instead of FTP I would have lost all of my stuff.

Thanks for sending me mail letting me know when you were having problems.  Some of them I might not have noticed if you hadn’t.

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bathtime horrors

or why i face the faucet when i bathe

(flashback:  inside pamie’s brain.  Fifteen years old)
(setting:  pamie’s bathroom)

Okay, you know what?  I can’t remember the last time I took a bath.  I think that’s what I’ll do.  It’s been a while and I just got this new book and it’ll be real nice to just sit back and have a nice bath.

Maybe I should cut my hair.  I think I’d like it more if it was blonder.  Maybe I’ll bleach it.

That water is nice and deep.  I wish I was still small enough to swim in the tub.

Oooh, the bath is nice and hot.  I’m like Bugs Bunny getting in the big pot for all of those bad guys to eat.  “Ah!  Ah!  Ah!  Ahhhhh…”

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i lived with john travolta

and why i hate samantha mathis

I’ve lived with many famous people. It’s not something well known, and not something I brag about. Okay, I rarely tell a soul. Because if I tell you why or how I lived with these people, you may leave.

Or at least laugh.

But I want to be honest with you, my dear readers, so here goes….

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she’s not there

family status report

You guys really are the best.  Thank you for all of your kind words and thoughts and prayers.  Quite a few of you have sent me the above picture.  It made me smile.

It’s quiet here at my house. It’s very strange.  Eric is at work, so it’s just me and Taylor.  He keeps sitting close to me and rubbing his head into my hand.  He didn’t like to be pet before.  We both have the blues.

I find myself looking in places where she would sit– just out of habit.  It feels so empty here without her.  Quiet.  I just miss her.

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alternate views

finding your hometown

In preparation for New Orleans, last night I started (re)reading Interview With the Vampire.  I’ve tried to read this book about three times, but right now I’m out of books, so I’m starting on this one again.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Austin, and why I like living here so much.  Having moved around so much as a kid, I’m not really used to staying in one place for so long, and every once in a while I feel like I’ve been here too long.  Where would I go if I wasn’t here?  Eric and I really fell in love with San Francisco, and my memories of it always involve the stoop where Eleanor and Eric and I talked that first night in town.  It’s the view from there that I always remember when I think of San Francisco.  You could sit there and just see so much of the city.  I remember how I sat down and Eric sat down (we’d been off the plane about two hours) and Eric turned to me and said, “How much do you love this city?”   It was nice that we were thinking the same thing.

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sugar shack

childhood memories involving chocolate

I have been sitting around looking at that box of chocolate and I’ve been flooded with so many memories:

When I was younger I was a chocolate hoarder.  I would never eat all of my Easter candy because I always wanted some left over for the option of eating later.  Having a younger sister made this difficult, so I would hide my Easter candy in my closet.  It never failed that right around Halloween time my mother would find a rock-hard Chocolate Easter Bunny with one missing ear near my folded up winter clothes.  She would complain that I was wasting candy.

Every Easter she would find my old plastic jack-o-lantern sitting under my good shoes with a layer of M&M’s at the bottom.

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Very Late

This entry, that is. I have a good excuse.

Well, that’s it.

Today I fixed my car air conditioning.  And my brakes.  And I tried to fix the side view mirror.  What I’m basically saying is that this update is so damn late because I’ve just spent the past six hours in various car-fixing places.  Six hours.  So, I’m sweaty and gross but my car is running oh-so-much better.  That’s my Birthday Week gift to my car.  There may be a surprise weekend Birthday Week bonus entry concerning my day of grease and sweat, so stay tuned.

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