Where’s Dr. Carter?

My doctor and I aren’t on the best terms. I’ve only met him once before, right when I signed up for insurance and needed a referral for a gyno. He basically looked at me and said along the lines of, “You look like hell. What’s wrong with you?”

I basically said along the lines of, “My father’s dying.”

Then he basically said something like, “You could still lay off the french fries. Or maybe you’ve got some kind of thyroid problem.”

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Paging Dr. Carter

I know I often joke about being seven years old, but today I have proof. Last night I went to sleep with an irritation at the front of my ear. The pain was eclipsed by my sunburned chest and butt, so I thought nothing of it.

This morning I have swimmer’s ear.

And because I haven’t had it since I was a kid, I immediately tried to fix it with hydrogen peroxide (what usually breaks up an ear clog for me) and Q-Tips. I’ve apparently worsened it quite a bit. I can’t hear out of my left ear and I’m in so much pain I think I might never stop crying.

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Movie Mumbling

For those of you who have been staying up nights fretting over the state of my laptop, it is now fixed. I have some very smart, very reliable friends. Very patient friends that still talk to me after I call from another country demanding tech support at four in the morning. Friends that miss their lunches to help me out. Good friends.

To counter my good luck with the laptop, my printer splintered, and a piece of it is now no longer attached. It had a paper jam and then popped. And my iMac now likes to crash once a day, whenever I decide to use the stupid dial-up.

I know. Fascinating.

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on being funny

and some hate mail

Someone asked me today, “Where do you think your wit comes from?”

People don’t generally like that question answered with a joke, so I gave my usual, “I work very hard on it,” answer, but it got me thinking. Where did my funny come from?

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Stream of Unconsciousness

what happens when i’m tired and hungry.

I’m not saying this to worry you or make you think there’s something wrong with me. I’m just not hungry at all lately. I forget to eat all of the time, and when I do eat, I’m almost instantly full. I just don’t want any food right now. It’s making me tired, and I realize that I probably should go and pop a bag of popcorn or something just to have a little food in me, but the thought of the smell of popcorn is making my stomach twist.

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The House of Smut Revealed

corrupting the mormon dolls

Oh, man. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m going to spend even more money today than I’ve ever spent not writing bills.

pamie.com is bigger than the hosting plan I just bought. What does that mean for you? Well, it means I’m moving the site again, and in maybe a week or so the IP will transfer and we’ll have that couple of days where you might not be on the new IP. This will only make a difference in the forum for maybe a day or two.

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No Sleep 'Til…

my non-sleeping patterns

I haven’t been sleeping so well lately. I stay up too late anyway, finishing up work, trying to get things in before their deadlines. But lately when I finally get to bed, I’ll spend at least thirty minutes lying there, thinking about other things.

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I did it.

No, for real. There were times when I was pretty sure I was going to pass out from this redesign. Seriously.

But, here it is. It’s all done. New forum. New design. Banner ads. New navigation (sorta).

I must now resist the urge to never come near this site again.

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Awkward Moments

I share too much

Eleanor is discussing Free To Be… You And Me on her site today, which makes me feel a bit better. You see, I recently spent $75 on eBay to acquire a pristine copy of the out-of-print video. I watched it when I was all Bronchy, and Eric didn’t seem to understand why I had shelled out so much cash for a children’s movie. It is very funky, but I started to wonder if maybe it was an embarrassing purchase.

I know that I used to fantasize about “The Pam Channel” when I was a kid. It was a twenty-four hour channel of all me, all of the time. I’m really glad now that this never surfaced. I’m very thankful that there aren’t permanent records of me during some particularly awkward and potentially embarrassing stages of my life.

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