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  • more post-mortem

    I feel pretty lucky that the only time Ned ever called me on stage to introduce me to the live audience was to do an impression of a woman eating nachos, and it was between segments. Poor Irwin made it into clip show.

  • help me, cingular treo customers

    I have been to the Cingular store. I have been to the Palm store. I have spent hours on the phone with Treo, Cingular, and Palm. I’ve been sent a new 650. I have restored, rebooted, and reconfigured. I cannot get versamail to work, and nobody seems to know why. I am at the end […]

  • page one.

    I’m at the coffee shop, sitting at a table, getting ready to start on my new novel. I haven’t come into this shop for the past two months except for an early morning coffee to go a couple of times. But I’m pretty sure I started my last two novels right about here, and I […]