Pamie Rae (or, writing a post for

[United Hollywood asked me to reprint this post here so they can link to it, instead of taking up their entire front page with all my blah-blah-blah. It’s very hard to do “Pencils Down.” I end up writing elsewhere. Like here.]

I’m a writer.
I’m a strike captain.
I’m a gate coordinator for CBS Radford.

I’m a writer first, so day one, morning shift, I was a little nervous to be in charge of a line. I’m barely 5’3″, and I’m usually dressed like an extra from Mad Men. But I’m also from Texas. So I’m friendly, but I’m not going to let someone get treated unfairly.

My lot coordinator was smart enough to arm me with muffins for the security guard, a man who has checked my ID every morning for the past five months as I’ve worked on Samantha Who?, so we were all getting along just fine for the first couple of hours. Continue reading