Berkeley, Day Two

Or three? I guess, technically, it’s Day Three, even though Day One was more about crossing the country to get here.

Anyway, I’m sick. it was bound to happen, really. i’m sick in the way that makes me not want to use capital letters, because my head’s all fuzzy and i feel like i’m floating above my head, looking down. that’s the cold medicine. but it’s also the fact that my head’s all clogged up. i think my headphones are so loud that everybody can hear ella fitzgerald belting “born to be blue” in my ear. Continue reading

Tea For You

I’m jealous of all the Northern California people who could go to this High Tea. Dan and I had high tea a few months ago, and part of us will always be at Casa Del Mar, sharing a salmon finger sandwich. I’m pimping the Sugarplum Tea not just because it’s being thrown by our pretty, smart, fantastic and talented cake lady, but because the menu makes me drool. I don’t even understand where it is, but I’d go there if I could.