Going to Peru: There Will Be Pan Flutes

That’s the first thing you need to know. In Peru, you will hear pan flutes. In restaurants, on buses, on shuttles, on boats, on the street, welcoming you at the airport, behind you in the bathroom– there will be pan flutes. So many pan flutes. You will start to learn the songs. Every once in a while you will recognize a Beatles tune. It won’t make you feel any better. Continue reading

Digital Marathon Article: New York Times

“You don’t notice the time going by,” said Pamela Ribon, who credits Britney Spears’s “Toxic” for her “fifth wind” during the 24th mile and sixth hour of the ultrahumid Maui marathon in September.Running the Digital Marathon

Did I really say I didn’t notice the time going by? That’s hilarious. This is how you end up conning yourself into running another one.

inappropriate behavior

On Sunday morning I got up very early to help Laura raise money for ovarian cancer. Afterwards we walked to my car in the parking garage, only to find someone had hit it, leaving a nasty scrape along the back bumper.

“Oh, Pam. That’s…”

“Someone hit my car.”

“Looks like I’m buying breakfast. Hey, look! There’s a note!”

Nope. On my windshield were seven ads for other upcoming races in the area. Not one note from someone who hit my car.

“You know what’s crazy?” I asked. “Someone parked, ran a race for cancer, then hit my car and drove away.”

“That’s really bad karma,” Laura said. “That guy’s totally getting cancer.”

(Best joke of the race went to Laura’s friend, who admitted once we were finished: “Well, I’m glad that’s over-y.” wheee! too many comedy writers + seriousness = going to hell) Continue reading

Can You Handle My Truth?

Okay, seriously.

I’m still feeling bad about the other week, when I had too much wine and ended up forcing friends of mine to watch old videos of me in high school because I couldn’t believe how funny it was that my voice used to be deeper, and my friends were so funny, and I did so many funny things with a camera.

And I only subjected three people to that. Continue reading

Why I Should Turn My Computer Off at Night

From: pamie <pamie@pamie.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 01:37:27 -0700

Subject: breitney

i am drunk and emailing, which is never good. i will now type without going back and editing, which i’ve been doing up until now, which is slowing me down, considerably.

i watched crossroads tonight and drank a lot. i love that movie so much. t’s so horribly bad and hysterical and funny and good and britney’s not wearing much clothes in the first twenty mintues of the movie. and there’s a dirty rape baby in the movie (i have to ask my friend what comic calls it that, becaause i just stole that joke), but not for the whole movie. you have to see it for the line “sorry that took so long; i got a band.”

i want to drunk dial yuou but it is way tomorroow over there.

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