because i feel stuff.

To put it mildly, I’ve been dealing with an overabundance of feelings. Apparently this is all very healthy and normal, and I’m handling it with the closest I can come to grace. “Grace,” for me, is crying until snot falls, flailing around my bed like an angry pre-teen, whining to any friend who will listen until he or she says the one thing they all say, “You will be okay.”

Visiting my book at a store the other day, I came across Andrea Seigel‘s To Feel Stuff. I was drawn to it for two reasons: Continue reading

what? who? huh?

losing my religion. and my keys. where’s my car?

I want to be more organized.  Right now I’m more unorganized than I’ve ever been in my entire life.  My house is a mess.  My carpets are stained.  Dirty clothes have taken a corner of my bedroom hostage.   My car smells like a Burger King.  The kitchen looks like I recently threw a kegger.

And as my home gets more and more unorganized, so does my brain.  I’m forgetting things.  I never used to do this before.  I never forgot things.  The other day I filled a bottle of water with clean water and chilled it to take to rehearsal.  I pulled it out of the fridge and sat it by my bag.  I had charged up my cell phone and put that next to the bag as well.  As I left for rehearsal, I took my bag and left the phone and the water behind.  I keep forgetting to bring scripts to work that I need to e-mail to my troupe members.  I forget to put on a load of laundry so that I have clean clothes.

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traffic talk

why i shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time

setting:  pamie’s brain.  Yesterday afternoon.
place:  her car, stuck in a traffic jam
time: just after work.

Man.  It’s hot.  It’s really hot.  Just in here, though.  I have got to get my air conditioning fixed.  I can’t believe I went through the entire end of the summer, promising myself I’d take care of it in the winter when it’s cheaper, and then I didn’t and now it’s about to be summer again and expensive and I still haven’t fixed the damn air conditioner.

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