“What’s Mardi Gras?”

Or how I ended up praying to God.

I swear, some mornings it’s a wonder I make it here.

Here, to my desk, away from the evils out there in the real world.

Sometimes you do a gig, and sometimes the gig does you. This weekend we did a private party for a company. We were supposed to be the “interesting cityfolk” at a Mardi Gras party. “What’s a Mardi Gras party like?” I was asking a week ago. Now I know.

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the night is young

why you can’t take me anywhere

Anatomy of the Weeknight Mindset

9:00am– “I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. Man, it really feels like Thursday. What a long week.”

11:00am– You look forward to lunch time, since then you are halfway through with your day.

1:00pm– You are very excited that you will go home soon so you can take a nap.

3:00pm– You decide to have a coke or two to make it through the end of the day.

5:30pm– Driving home, you can barely keep your eyelids open.

6:00pm– Finally home, you are wired from the caffeine, and decide to watch a little television.

7:45pm– Wake up with drool on your chin. You must have dozed off during The Simpsons. You were in some sort of coma, and all you remember dreaming about is being interviewed by Barbara Walters.

8:15pm– Dinner.

8:30pm– “I wonder what everyone else is doing tonight?”

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