Tag: Body Talk

  • pamieamory

    why i have to stick to just one man I was interviewed for the local paper yesterday afternoon about Squishy.  So, this Saturday there should be an article about… me and why I write this journal.  And of course now that hours have gone by since the interview I’m thinking to myself, “Did I say […]

  • the drawer

    where we finally talk about pamie’s panties Just when I think I have part of my life cleaned up I look around and notice another section that is completely out of whack.  I spent two hours yesterday cleaning up my bedroom– throwing out clothes that I’ve been hanging onto but not wearing for two years, […]

  • dammit!

    why must i be so tortured and dumb? So this morning I got up early, got dressed and ready to go early, and remembered that I was almost out of gas, so I left the house early, got to the gas station, got a bottle of water, didn’t even complain when someone cut in front […]

  • religious experience

    pass the contribution plate So there I was, sitting on the park bench, when a burning bush spoke to me…. …And no, that doesn’t mean I had a yeast infection. It just burst into flames, sort of like the Human Torch…burning without getting burnt up. I was wondering why there never was a fireman around […]