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  • I Am a Watched Pot

    “WHERE IS BABY?” This is the text I get, several times a day now, from all over the country. Sometimes it pops up on a Facebook window. Sometimes it’s just a subject line of an empty email. “WHERE IS BABY?” As if I’ve hidden the child somewhere, confused Christmas for Easter and hidden this ripened […]

  • Some Things About Myself That I Need To Work On

    Some Things About Myself That I Need To Work On

    * When I’m in a public restroom and a lady comes out of the stall, I really want to stop saying “Thank you” to her when I pass her on my way in. And I mean, I really thank her in a genuine way, every time. There is no need for this thank you. It’s […]

  • Possibly the Only Perk About Not Being Allowed to Play Roller Derby.

    [scripty] PAMIE A quick impression of the lady who just gave me a pedicure. She was like, “OH.” Held up my foot. “Oh.” JASON That poor woman. PAMIE I know. She put on latex gloves. Nobody else was wearing gloves. It was embarrassing. She thought I had some kind of foot condition. JASON Did you […]

  • torn.

    PAMIE: [Answering phone] Hello? MOM: Do you have something you need to tell me? PAMIE: … Um… uh… well, uh… do you want to maybe give me a hint or a topic? Because this seems like a trick. MOM: Your knee. PAMIE: Oh. MOM: I do read your website, you know. I didn’t, but I […]

  • on hospitals and aliens.

    Dewey update: eighty donations to hospitals, detention centers, schools and library programs. It’s a rough time for fundraising, you guys. I know that I did this all quickly and on the sly, and you have all been fantastic at spreading the word, including some heavy twitter-hitters, but normally Dewey gets a few more books than […]

  • Making a Spectacle of Myself

    Making a Spectacle of Myself

    As I prep to write my story of this past weekend’s bout, I figured I’d stall with these two stories. One: I got glasses. They’re only for reading, working, and driving at night, but that basically means they’re for every single second of my life. This is a big deal for me, as I used […]

  • Activating Dana

    Shot during the first weekend of Eyesplosion ’09, I take a study break with Dana in an attempt to activate her. She was supposed to talk about how she “hates injustice.” But she never really got off the subject of me. At fourteen minutes in two parts, it’s an extra-long Activating. But in my defense, […]

  • Activating Robin

    Robin, she of the Abraham Lincoln sweatshirt, explains why she has some serious boundary issues. Pamie tries to get her to hug it out. (Apologies for crappy webcam quality. Let’s pretend it’s 1999!) (It sort of looks better if you click the video, let it take you to You Tube, and then click “High Quality.” […]

  • Activating Annie

    This week: Annie got activated when we started talking about women who are obsessed with creating the perfect birth “experience.”

  • conversation with mom

    [scripty] Pamie …And then I said, “Well, that sounds dangerous, so please don’t tell me about it until it’s over or I will worry about it from now until it’s over.” Mom That’s exactly what you should have said. Pamie Which is how I knew I’d officially turned into you. I no longer want to […]