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  • It’s Not That Scary: The Guatemala Stories (Part Four)

    tampons/pamprin I really wrote all of that stuff before so I could tell you this, my favorite story from the trip. Okay, look. We’ve been through a lot together, you guys. So here is where I tell you that I was two hours into the road trip to Solola, at a gas station in the […]

  • Maybe I’m Crazy…

    “But why do you want to do this?” my mom asked in that tone, the worried whine of motherhood. “For a lot of reasons,” I answered. “Because I want to, and because I don’t think I can, and… well, probably because Dad and that race when I was in the third grade.” She sighed. She […]

  • bad night. (warning: not for the squeamish or sympathetic.)

    So we hosted a small party last night, mostly comprised of people we’ve never met before. Five minutes after the first group of guests arrived, I was bleeding into the kitchen sink. This was not one of my better parties. Well, I can’t speak for the people who attended, but I wish I could send […]

  • blood, sweat and tears

    Which of the following things didn’t happen to me this past weekend? A) Cried at a museum. B) Ran seven miles. C) Met someone in a hot tub who knew Dan from college. D) Held Sara’s head as blood gushed down her face. E) Stayed at home, finishing my book edits. Then went to the […]

  • PROOF.

    i wasn’t joking around, here. My first mistake was thinking that it was Eric I had to fear last night, after yesterday’s entry. After reading through the entry, he seemed to be pretty calm about everything. My second mistake was deviating from my nightly schedule and deciding that instead of surfing late at night, I’d […]