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  • Remember me?

    your sweat is still on my carpet. Dear Billy Blanks ™, Hi. Uh, I guess the first thing I should do is list my excuses, right? Do you want to hear them first, or last? Because I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the words, “I’ve been busy” three thousand times over the past couple of years. […]

  • randomly yours.

    miss one monday and jeff gets pissy (and eric requests some content) I’m filled with guilt, as last night Jeff told me that he was very disappointed that I hadn’t updated. He’s got that motherly guilt-trip thing going where he “knows you’re busy” but that he was “really looking forward to it” and you just […]

  • being eric malkovich

    it’s just a quick portal jump Yesterday afternoon. Inside Eric’s head D’oh! I forgot to get cat food again. Maybe pamie picked some up. “Mmm-him-hmm-hmm-heehmm Water! She’s got, duh-da, duh-da-im-him-hum, Lady!” I love this song. Oh, quick turn! Pamie would have closed her eyes when I made that turn if she were here. Let’s see, […]

  • Oh, Man.

    hiding under the futon didn’t help Sometimes you look up and it’s already time to go home. It’s not even a good excuse for not having an entry today, but that’s the only one I got right now. Birthday Week is still going on, since someone told me it’s not over until the last present’s […]

  • More Letters

    letting you read my mail again. Dear Beer, I’m tired of your trickery. I can have three or four beers on a weekend evening and be completely fine the next day, but if I try and have a couple of beers on a Tuesday night you make me feel absolutely horrible the next day. It […]

  • in my defense

    sorry so sloppy Immm-hmmm. Well. Alright. Dear Patrick, It seems that there was a gathering of journallers who all got together to play Cranium because they had heard that I enjoyed the game. I understand that you were one of them. It also seems that you and your friends had an easy time with the […]

  • meeting billy blanks and writing tampax

    your average thursday thoughts Okay, Billy. I did it. Due to my unhealthy obsession with amazon.com and my potentially obsession with Tae-Bo. I bought your book. I hope it really does show me how to do some of the exercises that I think I’m doing wrong. To tell you the truth, it’s all the guilt […]

  • the tape

    confessions and a new start It started as a good feeling. I came home Thursday to a pile of mail. On top was a box. It was shaped like a videotape. “Ooh!” I squealed. “What is this?” I didn’t remember ordering anything. Perhaps it was a gift from someone.

  • to whom it may concern

    catching up on my mail Dear Eric, I am quickly starting to notice that it feels like I don’t have weekends anymore.  I rehearse every day and perform in the evenings.  Basically I now have a few hours on the weekends where the only difference in my day is I’m not at work but I’m […]

  • everyone hates me

    but mostly bill pullman It’s official.I’ve received my best e-mail ever. Here it is, in all it’s glory: