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  • seriously kicking it.

    Awesome accomplishment, Laura. I’m so proud of you. [Warning: you’ll probably get teary at the end, when Eric’s running and cheering, being a badass husband.]

  • watching rita

    “Due to the hurricane in the area you are calling, your call cannot be completed as dialed.” This is the message I hear when I try to reach my friends in Houston or Austin or any part of Southern Texas. This is all I can do now, post a stupid entry to say, “I love […]

  • Dear Houston,

    Tough year, huh? If you’re not getting slammed from the excellent Enron movie, there’s a documentary about how fat you are, or how you recruit kids for the war while they’re trying to order lunch. Your representative is a crazy person. Then you’ve got Oprah interviewing the lady who ran over her husband a few […]

  • she lives in caps lock

    Andi Teran was the new kid. I’d been the new kid time and time again, and hadn’t been on the other side before. She was the one who didn’t know anybody, who wasn’t sure of how to get around, what to think of all of us. And look, this girl, she was really cool. Cool […]

  • Dreamlike

    I just finished watching Waking Life, which in itself is a trippy-floaty experience, an animated fantasy that explores our dream life compared to our waking life, asking what happened before we got here, what’s going to happen to us when we’re gone, and how has our process of evolution changed as we’ve become more aware […]

  • to do

    I understand Allison’s need to post in all caps. When you get to the point where you’re looking at your to do list and it’s longer than there are minutes in the day, all you know how to do anymore is emphasize just how busy you are. Like Jack talking to Wendy when she interrupts […]

  • The Old Apartment

    this is where we used to live Okay. It’s empty. And I don’t really know what to say. I’m here in my empty apartment. We had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. We took pictures. We’ve had several parties. We had a nice packing party last night where everyone came over and helped finish […]

  • Redirection

    the show must go on I was supposed to do my One Person Show “What A Girl Wants” for MOMfest this year. But there have been some technical difficulties (namely, the lack of a rear projector, a necessity for the show) so in a last-minute panic, a new show was born. And as most last-minute […]