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  • Halftime Report

    and i’m out of cigarettes So, I’m just sitting here watching the Texas/Oklahoma State game and it’s just now halftime, and it’s all strange and quiet around here. So, why not write on a Saturday? I don’t know.

  • Things I Learned Today

    and why this entry is late. I learned a few things today. Most of them kept me from posting this Friday entry until most of you have already gone home from your work day. I know you hate it when that happens. I’m sorry.

  • PROOF.

    i wasn’t joking around, here. My first mistake was thinking that it was Eric I had to fear last night, after yesterday’s entry. After reading through the entry, he seemed to be pretty calm about everything. My second mistake was deviating from my nightly schedule and deciding that instead of surfing late at night, I’d […]

  • Cellmate

    an open letter to d’angelo First, things to go read before you come back here: The online diaries article is up at the Austin Chronicle. Read about journalling, me, greg, gwen, and the very important Eight. It’s a well-written article, and you can hardly tell that Taylor had just made my eye swell from his […]

  • SHUT. UP.

    Not you. Me. So, I guess I just wasn’t looking in the right place. Here’s the link to the Austin Chronicle’s Top Ten Austin Websites, in case you want to read what they said about me. I’m feeling much better today. I remembered this nasal spray stuff that my doctor had given me last year […]

  • Too Much Time Together

    movies and elbows I can’t believe how much I’ve missed being sick for a full week. I’m so behind at work. I’m so behind on the web. Are you guys all still there? Are you all still the same? Oh, man. It’s amazing, because even though I wasn’t here, things were still churning along.