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  • yikes.

    last minute freak-outs and a whole new world. So I’m on a plane very, very soon. Have I mentioned my fear of flying? No? Well, that’s because we’re not going to talk about it. We’re just not, so shutup. I have no fear. NO FEAR, YOU HEAR ME?

  • She's so sexy!

    shield your eyes AT&T update: I called Friday afternoon to try and get service. They put me on hold, and then hung up on me.

  • LIARS!

    don’t mess with my phone service Attention Texans: Do not sign up for AT&T Local Service. They will jack your ass around. They lied to me repeatedly, and I’ve spent over nine hours of my life waiting for the Next Available Representative. They said that I wouldn’t even notice the switch from Southwestern Bell to…