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  • i go solo

    and keep forgetting things about diane It’s all over. But I’ve got a good story. Friday afternoon I got to the Comedy Sportz playhouse bright and early (2:30pm) to go over the show with Chuy and then take a look at the stage. They were teaching a defensive driving class at the time, so I…

  • swirly

    my tummy and my head Matt Sadler, of Natch fame, won last night’s Open Audition for Aspen. He’s going to Los Angeles next month to compete in another finalist round. How cool is that?

  • “did you remember to…”

    why i might get killed backstage Sorry about the past couple of days.  My computer access has been limited.  To make it up to you, I offer a brand new Get Real Wrap on MightyBigTV. So tonight begins the weekend of comedy auditions.  Tonight we do our sketch show for an HBO representative.  I will…

  • austin to aspen and back again

    a journey with several climates and methods of transportation. I’m back. I’m exhausted.  I am drinking so much freakin’ coffee.  Maybe you’d like a cup, too, to go with today’s catch-up Squishy.