I currently have three computers. This sounds like I’m bragging. Let me assure you that I am not.

My oldest computer is the iBook, my tried and true friend of almost three years. This computer has been on many an airplane trip, wrote thousands of email, helped maintain Squishy, was the machine I wrote the novel on, and has always started up when I press the little button in the upper right hand corner.

The problem is the CD-Rom broke about a year and a half ago. It doesn’t recognize any CD. I have to email the machine everything, as there’s no other way to feed information to the computer.

Enter: the iMac. I never actually wanted this machine, but sometimes things happen and suddenly you’re the owner of a computer you never wanted because you ended up paying for it. I’m still paying for it, in fact. This iMac was the pillar of our DSL hub back in the old apartment. It does not like dial-up. Yesterday the machine’s modem seems to have crashed. Because this computer wasn’t always mine, I don’t have all of the software for it. I can’t download a new driver, as I don’t have internet access, and I really don’t know what’s wrong. Every time I try to dial-up, it crashes with a Type 2 error and I have to restart the machine. Sometimes it doesn’t want to restart, and I have to physically unplug it from behind to get it to work.

I inherited Dad’s PC laptop, the machine I wrote my first screenplay on over Christmas break. I have it for sentimental reasons, mostly, but it’s a pretty machine. The battery pack only lasts an hour, making it not so much a laptop, but a tiny desktop computer. It used to help with my anime work, but when it crashed last month I had to reinstall it with Windows XP, and the Media Player on this version doesn’t support VCDs, the type of DVD I use for my anime work. That means I’m using a DVD player and my television. The only computer I can use to do my work and email it in is my iBook.

This means I have three machines: one at three years, one at two and one just over a year old. The only one that I can rely on (and I’m using right now) is the three-year old iBook, my Blueberry Buddy. I already told you that my printer busted a few weeks ago.

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maybe it will at least entertain you.

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! We have reports that pamie actually changed a litter box and brought the old trashbag of used kitty litter all the way down to the dumpster. Rumors of a clean kitchen have been dispelled. But we have confirmed a cleaning of a litter box. The apartment has not imploded. I repeat, the apartment has not imploded. Thank you.

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