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  • truth and consequences

    Thursday night. My husband is screaming at the television screen: “Fuck you, Oprah. Fuck you!” This is not good. This isn’t something I ever thought I’d have to handle. This goes against the core of me, and my instinct is to push him off the couch and make him stop bad-mouthing my Oprah. It’s like […]

  • Why Girls Are Weird By the Numbers

    Amazon has added a brand new evil feature. Now you can find out how many letters, words and characters are in the pages of Why Girls Are Weird. You can find out how many “complex words” I used (6%). You can find out what grade education is needed to understand the book (4.8). Sorry, third […]

  • asdfjkl;

    This month is going to be insane, and so a little sporadic around here. I’m out of town a lot, for weddings and holiday and all of that stuff that comes around this time of the year, but I promise to update whenever I can. I got sick, which I always do before I take […]

  • No Money, Mo Problems

    You know those days when you turn over your change jar and shake out all the quarters and then sadly you realize you have a bank account balance that would only please a twelve-year old? It’s one of those days. I hate stressing about money, and that’s the main thing going on today. I also […]

  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight

    The background music, the ongoing soundtrack of my late nights for the past five years has been provided by Playstation. Various video game orchestral swells have accompanied many a late-night writing period, or play loudly underneath my brain as I finish a book. Right now World War II is going on behind my head. It […]