Tag: Anger

  • The Office Is Closed.

    Day Three on the line. The sun comes out and hits us pretty hard halfway through the shift, so I followed the lead of another strike captain who brought Trivial Pursuit cards to the line to pass out to circling picketers. I brought a sleeve of Pop Culture edition and shouted, “Without you, this stack…

  • Jollibee and My Mother Are On a Break

    In case you were driving to work today wondering, “Does pamie still get hate mail from angry Jollibee lovers?” The answer is yes. Usually one a week or so, for the past year and a half. Here’s the latest.

  • grr.

    Hey! That’s it. I’m just angry today. Angry. Not even in an “I’m angry about this” sort of way. I’m just angry. Angry. Mean. Crabby. Behold, the power of bitch. I’m serious. I just woke up in a foul mood. No one started this or caused it, but here it is and it’s flaming mad,…