Mates of State: Bring It Back

Song: “Like U Crazy

I grabbed this at Amoeba the other day but only got a chance to listen yesterday. It probably played four times in a row while I was in my car, driving from one end of town to the other. I knew this would be my favorite track the first time I heard it, but every time it loops back around again, I get happy.

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The house is so smart. See, over the past week I’ve finally had some time (read: due to the fact that I’m supposed to be finishing this manuscript, and it’s much easier to say, “I really need to hang that picture.”) to get the house pulled together a bit. The screen door, which fell off while I was on the phone with my mom, has been fixed and works perfectly now. I unpacked the last of the boxes of books. I found a place to put the vinyl records. The pictures have been hung, the curtains are up (I was going to make them, but I’ve learned that no matter how cheap you think you can do something, that damn IKEA has already done it and they’re offering it to you even cheaper). The couch still hasn’t arrived, but I’ve been on the phone with Macy’s, and they know I’m mad. That’s all I can do with Macy’s: tell them I’m really, really mad. Continue reading