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  • ANTM Episode 1102 / Network Notes

    These just in. ——————————————– TO: Ken Mok FROM: The CW Network RE: ANTM 1102 Dear Ken et al: Please find attached our notes for the cut of Episode 1102. Please call of email to set up a call at your earliest convenience. Best, THE NETWORK

  • ANTM Episode 1101 / Network Notes

    I went a long time — and for good reason — without watching “America’s Next Top Model.” After six seasons of being involved with the show as either a recapper or a producer, I was somewhat burned and somewhat burned out by the time Cycle Seven’s CarrieDee nabbed the crown and receded into instant nothingness. […]

  • strike life: laura and liz

    I just looked up “fatigue” on the Internet. That can’t be a good sign. I’m so exhausted, you guys. I can’t even explain it. One day during the Top Model strike, I went to visit Dan and sat with him for a second. He kept staring straight at his water bottle, the sunburn on his […]

  • The Forgotten Writers Strike of ’06.

    Dan wrote a piece for the LA Times about the series of mistakes made last year during the America’s Next Top Model strike that left him out on the street, holding a sign, wondering where the hell everybody went. … I don’t forget, Dan. I never wear my red shirt without thinking of the first […]

  • that girl gets around

    A few weeks ago I’m walking down Pico, headed toward a Starbucks, when this woman walks up beside me, asking a mailman if he’s got Triple A Plus. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Los Angeles, this means I’ve seen this woman in three different areas that are not close to each other […]

  • the top model strike continues

    the top model strike continues

    At the strike last Friday, I was babbling to Eric about how I sometimes put the post of the sign at the top of my hip. “It’s my strike hip,” I explained. “Why doesn’t anyone else use their strike hip?” Eric pulled out his camera. “Okay. Give me your best Top Model pose,” he said. […]

  • my best friend is brave.

    my best friend is brave.

    This is part of the picket line outside America’s Next Top Model. I’m the one holding the sign. Dan’s the one trying to make a difference. Read here why.

  • I promise I’m not dead.

    I’ve just been incredibly busy. I could write about my current work schedule, and the different jobs I’m juggling concurrently in books, television and film, and have a deep discussion about trying to have it all in a town where you’re never done trying to have it all while trying to keep some semblance of […]