reason i might be buying a new computer #576.

I was wondering why I was getting double-takes from the people sitting next to me at the Kansas City airport. It wasn’t until the waitress handed me a check and gave a glare to my laptop that I realized Missouri might not be too pleased with my charming sense of humor.

I need Sunday clothes for my computer so I can take it out in public.

Come On, Jet Blue.

This is ridiculous.

I’m now sitting in the JFK airport, with free wireless, having a glass of wine and sushi as I wait for my flight to start boarding.

You must know:

1. I normally would never do this.
2. But this is my vacation, and I told myself I’d do things I normally wouldn’t do.
3. It still feels way too decadent, but I’m going to let myself enjoy it because
4. Yesterday was quite emotional.

I got to see lots of family and friends. We tried to see more, but families are complicated, and some people shy away from contact, and consequently we were sometimes turned away, or left knocking at the door, or sometimes we asked not to come anywhere near the door. Continue reading