Tag: Adam Blau

  • they walk alike, they talk alike, sometimes they even… (nevermind.)

    When my friend Rebecca and I are out in public, we are sometimes mistaken for sisters. In fact, when Dan, his brother Adam, Rebecca and I are sitting at a restaurant together, we look like an East Side version of the Bobbsey Twins: the boys in their ringer t-shirts, Rebecca and I in blue hoodies […]

  • The White Stripes: Elephant

    Song: “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” My iPod loves playing The White Stripes. No matter how random the shuffle, there will be a White Stripes song in there, so I’m glad I like all of their songs. I have ten Beatles albums, six or so Radiohead albums, all the Weezer, but […]

  • matter and antimatter

    I spent the morning watching What the Bleep Do We Know, a movie with a very silly name, a Yanni-esque website, and a scene with a ridiculous wedding interlude, but a movie that got in my head nonetheless. It attempts to explain quantum physics in the most layman’s terms, relating it to our perception of […]

  • This Flute of Mine, So Gay

    Right now somewhere in Los Angeles and New York, simultaneously, there’s a conference call to discuss whether or not our show is going to Aspen. We won’t know for a few hours. I’m trying to pretend my stomach isn’t twisting in knots. I’m working on one script while reading another, and because my brain is […]