scariness update: possibly fewer banditos in my future!

Have been told we have security and alternate routes. Fingers crossed! Adventure! Taylor update: he’s eating, but he gets waves of hunger and then either gets distracted (which then he’ll eat again the second you put food under his face and go, “You were eating.” And then he’s all, “Oh, yes! Thank you.”) or he […]

Some friendly traveling tips from Lydia.

My housekeeper Lydia (not just my housekeeper, but this morning mine) uses my parking space when she comes over, which means I have to be out of the apartment by a certain hour. This was the kind of morning where I thought I had everything ready to go until the very last second, when I […]


I was running this afternoon when a lamp post caught my eye. There was a message taped, a love letter. It said it was the eleventh of fifteen, a public message for a special person. There, typed, was a poem, about how the writer’s love was real. His or her need was real. That both […]

inbox, part eight.

It has been a very difficult week. Picketing in the rain was the least of the crappy things. So, when it gets like this I post mail from y’all, because it reminds me of how big and huge the world is, and how lucky I am. I kind of disappeared there for a month back […]

inbox, part seven.

[readermail] Pamie, My friend Joanne has been reading your blog for years, and when she saw you were doing a comedy show she made her fiance and I attend it. It was the one where you sang a song about M. Night Shya-ma-ly-i-an and then revealed spoilers for various movies. (The Prestige was ruined for […]

okay, cat people.

You’ll love this one. Taylor’s compulsive licking has hit a new high. And Cal is acting like the craziest cat of all time. Related? Probably not. After quite a few tests it has been determined that Taylor has: allergies.

Wednesday, April 4

Way back in December of 2003, I attended a TWOP Recappers Summit in Las Vegas. I was living in New York and working around the clock at the time, attempting to balance the endless rigors of my two ersatz careers: working in publicity and singing Christmas carols at a loud Italian restaurant. This strange crunch […]


“You know, it’s his other leg this time.” That’s what the vet told me when I brought Taylor in. It’s his other leg that’s injured. And as Taylor hissed and growled in my arms and the vet gave me this look, I felt like the worst pet owner in the world. How did I not […]