Jane’s Addiction: Ritual de lo Habitual

Song: “Classic Girl

Dear High School Me:

The weather is cold and raining, and not unlike the air around you the first time you ever stole one of Mom’s Marlboro Reds because you wanted to see if it felt “cooler” to smoke in the rain, as you were waiting for Keith Randolph to pick you up in his Jeep on the way to school. He overcharged you five bucks a week for the pleasure, but anything was better than getting stuck with those faux-Nazi poseur bullies on the back of the schoolbus. Continue reading

Journey: Greatest Hits

Song: “Who’s Crying Now

I want a Journey button. I think it’d be best used in my car. I want a Journey button and when I press it, all the space around me is filled with the music of Journey — music that sounds like I’m making an important decision, that I’m on a mission. That I’m about to get through this next goddamn thing if it kills me.

And I’d need it in my car, you see, because the Journey button would probably cause my life to montage. I’d rather get the driving montaged, because then the music won’t be wasted when I’m stuck on the 405 for an hour.

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