Category: Listening

  • The Cure: Disintegration

    Song: “Love Song” The sound of The Cure reminds me of my first year I moved to Houston. I went to two different schools in that time, and it was a huge switch from living in Jackson, Mississsippi. The music changed completely. Back in Jackson, I was pretty much on my own in terms of […]

  • Weezer: Pinkerton

    Song: “Across the Sea” I know, I know. Any excuse to talk about Weezer. But I swear, this is the song on my iPod! I promise! I was just singing it.

  • Green Day: American Idiot

    song: “Give Me Novacaine” Green Day is the boyfriend you have your sophomore year of high school, the one who likes to talk about poop and thinks it’s funny to push you to the ground and fart on your head. You hate Green Day, but you love Green Day. And one day you decide you […]