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This week has been an ass-kicker. A “no” on a job I wanted (that happened at the exact same time we got rear-ended on the highway), another no, another no, Oprah ending, a plumbing clog that has caused septic nightmares coming from inside the house. And since methane gas inside the house isn’t enough, a family of skunks have taken up residence in the backyard. Judging from the smell, they are easily frightened multiple times a day. I lost a notebook that had story notes I needed, but more importantly contained apparently the only copy I had of my landlord’s address and the rent is due… No, don’t bother looking for the notebook, I think I lost it 30,000 miles in the air. (Sudden screaming baby made me accidentally overturn my purse in 18C.)

Since my father’s no longer around to buy multiple lottery tickets every week, I need you to keep hope alive by blindly entering a contest with the brazen assumption that you’re going to win because you’re a winner and that’s what winners do. That’s what my dad would’ve done and I need someone to be a winner. Some good news, people. Let’s find it.

Free Book Friday is giving away five copies of Going in Circles tomorrow. I might have been one of the losers this week, but you have a chance to be one of five who will actually be called winners. Seriously, people are really going to win copies, unlike the lottery, which real people don’t win, especially people related to me.

If you already have a copy (thanks!), here’s your chance to win a free gift for someone. You look really cool when you give someone a book, especially when there’s no occasion other than “I like you.”

Things are looking up, as I’m headed to Texas for another round of Eat Through Austin, home of Three Types of Cookies, with Tara and Dave. Hopefully every morning will look like this:

Hmm? It’s going to be 100 degrees there, you say? Every day, you say? My migas will be at boiling temperatures and my skin will slide down my body from sweat? My eyeballs will wobble and my fingernails will liquify? Austin, why are you jumping on this week’s ass-kicking? You are supposed to be my salvation!

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  1. Holly Flanagan

    I have loved following along with the previous “Eat Through Austin” iterations — will there be any repeats in this trip?

    1. Pamie

      I do this to eat the food I miss the most, so there will certainly be repeats. But where will I fall on the ground this time? WHO KNOWS??

  2. Tara

    Not only will we have breakfast tacos every day but if you try to eat anything healthy I will smack it out of your hand/off your plate.

    1. Melanie S

      You are truly the best friend a girl could have, Tara!

  3. Joanna L. Castillo

    I wish Austin would treat you better, Pamie. It was nice to some friends of mine that were here 2 weeks ago from Los Angeles. Maybe it can only be friendly to one set of Angelinos at a time?

  4. Fishnet Stalker

    Coming to Austin this weekend? Come watch the birth league of roller derby! I’d love to have you as my personal +1. Let me know if you can make it! Saturday night, doors at 6, wheels at 7.

    1. Pamie

      And the Putas are playing!! Man, I’m a group of four, really, and I’m not sure what my Saturday night is like. Is it sold out already?

      1. Pamie

        (and thank you for the invite.)

  5. Michael

    Don’t you know
    Don’t you know things can change
    Things’ll go your way
    If you hold on for one more day, yeah
    If you hold on

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    1. Pamie

      What a jerk!

    2. Pamie

      (now it’s in my head AGAIN!)

  6. Gina

    So sorry to hear about the bad week. Luckily, Austin food can cure everything. I was just there last week, and basically every morning did look like that (except with tacos from Taco Shack). It was super hot but Iced Turbos helped take my mind off it with their incredibly yumminess. Have fun!

  7. Mike

    Sorry to hear about the lousy week, but if there is any food that can make up for it whatever ‘fried pies’ are sure sounds like it could help.

    I need to get to Austin some time. Along with some Tums as I expect to eat a lot.