Dear XM radio:

I can’t tell if someone working there is an idiot, or a complete genius.

Do you know that you’re starting your “30 Days of Coldplay” promo with six seconds of Radiohead? Because you are. It’s a shiv to the tummies of Radiohead fans. You’re playing “Paranoid Android,” and then moving into “Viva la Vida.” If it turns out it’s an idiot making these promos, please make that person quit.

But if you’re some kind of subversive mastermind, quietly telling the Radiohead fans out there, “I know, I know, it’s just not right, but I have no choice, so all I can do is play Radiohead for weeks without anyone noticing the difference because they are a Radiohead rip-off band,” then… well, I guess you win.

I’d like to think there’s a genius at work, but I fear it’s the idiot. So let me tell you before you start your next promo: Coldplay didn’t make “Pyramid Song,” either.

Viva la Vida Loca,


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