Look who found us…

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Yes, we are on to you! :-)

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING! You definitely freaked me out with the sudden pile of amazon boxes showing up at my cubicle!

For nearly 2 days we’ve been like little detectives trying to figure out how these books were coming to us and how a group of people from around the country could have found out about our wishlists that had been lying dormant for 7 months!

Just to give you a little history:

We started up our library check-out system back in June 2007 and our cardholders have been steadily increasing. Our on-site preschool for low-income families regularly uses our library and I am there on Fridays for “library day” when the kids check out books. We had a little internal book drive last July and some staff asked for a wish list to order books. That’s how those wish lists came to be.

I never thought that 7 months down the road someone would discover them and start ordering! This is an absolute delight and has kept me and some staff who know about this in a state of constant smiles and giggles as the boxes keep flowing in.

If you see that I’ve added books to the wish lists, it’s not that we are greedy but that I hadn’t refreshed those lists since the library first began and we’ve had a better sense of what is needed for our readers. About 50% of our kids are under 6 years old, but we also work with kids up to 18 years and beyond (parents too!).

Needless to say we are thrilled, and so appreciative of what you are doing for us as well as all the libraries that you have been benefiting. Thank you for your good works! (I’ll be purchasing a Dewey shirt to model as soon as I get another free moment – now it’s back to “Library Day” with the kids!)

Alicia Fox
Children’s Institute

You, too, can celebrate Library Day here.

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