Journey: Greatest Hits

Song: “Who’s Crying Now

I want a Journey button. I think it’d be best used in my car. I want a Journey button and when I press it, all the space around me is filled with the music of Journey — music that sounds like I’m making an important decision, that I’m on a mission. That I’m about to get through this next goddamn thing if it kills me.

And I’d need it in my car, you see, because the Journey button would probably cause my life to montage. I’d rather get the driving montaged, because then the music won’t be wasted when I’m stuck on the 405 for an hour.

I’d also need an optional Steve Perry toggle switch, for when I just want to hear “Oh Sherry” in the background. Like maybe when I am stuck in line at the grocery store, thinking of a junior high dance.I need the Journey button for when I walk down hallways on my way to meetings. When I take a phone call to get notes. When I sit here and type thousands of words. Because while I’m living a dream, the reality is kind of… well, normal. It doesn’t look like I’m living a dream. I’m just sitting here. Typing. Writing sentences like, “Find better transition there.” It gets boring. It needs something to keep me going, because it’s too tempting to get distracted by everything else in the world.

But if I was sitting here with my coffee and my notes with my fingers flying over the keys as Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” played really, really loudly all around me? It’d look like something was happening!

(Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world…)

“Hey, look at that girl over there! The one doing all that typing, all hunched over that computer. It looks like she might be accomplishing something! Something that’s teaching her how to be a better person! Something that…something that makes me want to be a better person. I’m feeling so inspired by her inspiring inspiration. And now I know I have the power within me to fight that city hall and get my land back. But you know what? I always had that power. It was always right here. Right. Here.”

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